No matter whether you are shipping your car within the same country or whether you are shipping it internationally, it is always important to prepare your car first so that it can be transported without any risk of damage during the shipment.

If you are ready to transport your car to a new place and you have hired the right auto transporters to get the services then before you handle your car to them, you should prepare it at first.

Leading auto transporters suggest that there are certain things that you have to look at first and you should maintain your car by checking it for any leakage, battery, and so on so that it can be shipped without any risk.

Check out these things that should be repaired before shipment!!!

  1. Inspect the condition of the car 

You should inspect the car well to know the repairs it needs. Wash your car thoroughly and inspect the interior and exterior of the car. In this way, you will get to know in a better way that what repairs are needed in a car to ship it to the new location.

  1. Secure the loss parts 

If there are any loose parts present in your car then it is important to secure these at first. Take your car to the nearest service station and get it repaired well before transportation. To prevent any damage, securing these loose parts in advance is a great way. If there is a sunroof or moon roof present in the car, make sure these are closed.

The removable racks and other removable parts should also be secured in the right way. If there are any de-attachable parts, remove these and keep these in a safe place for the complete safety of these parts. Else there are chances that these parts will get lost during the shipment.

  1. Check the gas 

When your car getting serviced, you should check there is gas or fuel present in the car. If the car is can’t be driven then the auto shippers won’t run the car. It should have enough gas to drive on and off the truck in which it needs to be shipped. Though at the same time, consider the fact that, if the car tank is full with the gas then it will just increase the weight of the car and so as of the payment you have to pay to shippers. Just keep the gas to one-quarter full.

  1. Antifreeze level 

The car should be in the driven state considering the weather of a place. The car should be enduring to bear the harsh weather conditions also to avoid a cracked engine block or any other problems. The professionals present at the service station where you have taken your car will check it. Just ask them and they will fix the problem if they find any and will prepare it for the shipment.

  1. It should be in running condition 

If there is any problem with the car and it has stopped running then before the shipment, make your car get in the running condition, get it repaired instantly else the auto shippers would not be able to move it.

  1. Check the battery, tires, and radiator 

Ensure that the battery is fully charged and secured and can transport safely. The tires should also be properly inflated else there is a risk of damage if the tires are either under-inflated or over-inflated.

  1. Check fluid level and leaks 

Make sure that there are no leaks in any part of the car. If you see any leakage in the engine, fuel tank, coolant, oil, brake, or other fluid parts then get it fixed at the right time and before the moving day. To avoid leakage you should have less level of fluids in the expansion tank.

  1. Disable the anti-theft devices 

If there are anti-theft devices present in the car then you should disable it because the auto shippers might have to drive your car at a specific distance like from loading and unloading from the truck. It can cause the problem,

You can also inspect the car after the car has been delivered to you. It should be in the same condition as it was before.


Your car is one of the most expensive items you possess therefore you should not take any risk with the safety of it else you might find yourself in a big financial loss. Whether you are storing your vehicle in a storage of shipping it to a different location, utmost care should be taken. It is recommended you take the car to the service station and get it checked and in proper driving condition to prevent the risk of any damage and to ship it with ease.

To save the service cost, you should look at certain things by yourself like the battery charging, fix the removable parts, check the fluid level, and so on. It should be in running condition so that it can be shipped well.


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