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Gaining Residency in Spain

Asociación Babelia and its team for the UK Nationals Support Project are delighted to announce that, in collaboration with the Department of International Residents...
You can exchange your paper residence document for the new TIE but you are not obliged to.

British Government update on residency in Spain

If you are legally resident in Spain before the transition period ends on 31 December 2020, you will be able to stay. You must...

Property and Real Estate Investments

What simple changes can increase the value of your home?

Amid the almost universal economic trouble of 2020, the UK property market is actually enjoying a mini boom. Thanks to government efforts to reignite...

Selling a Spanish House Quicker is All About Appealing to the...

In real estate, the speed of sale is always related to a few key factors and since here we have the primary criterion predetermined...

Understanding Stocks and Shares ISAs

Understanding how stocks and shares ISAs work goes a long way in the finance industry. This is an investment account that you never get...

Health, Beauty and Fitness

Murcia closes its borders from Friday preventing movement between municipalities

Residents may only travel within the municipality to which they belong At an emergency meeting of the Covid Monitoring Committee, the Murcia regional government...

Clubs, Societies, Charities and Religion

Local Church of England remembers those who have died on ‘All...

The Church of England in the Torrevieja area will be remembering those who have died with a special Requiem Mass on Monday 2nd November...

Entertainment and Features

You can’t be serious – A friend …

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed – or ‘a friend in need is a damn nuisance’ … take your pick, but a...

Home improvements that can increase the value of your house 

Are you looking to move house soon? Perhaps you have already started looking at new properties, but know that your current home could do with a few updates in order...

Travel and Tourism

Science and Technology

AI and what the future of gaming could look like

Artificial intelligence was once the stuff of science fiction, and for many, AI meant fears of out of control robots turning against their masters,...

How Do Local News Influence the Global Forex Market

In the forex market, the fluctuations are constant. The daily exchange rate changes are influenced by the forex market and the 24 hours news...

How Artificial Intelligence is Helping and Improving Customer Experience

Across all organizations, increased quality in customer experience seems to be a shared goal. This, in turn, helps promote customer satisfaction, reinforces loyalty, and...

The Best Date Night Movies for Couples on Netflix

Are you planning a date night with your loved one? How about Netflix and Chill with someone who is very special to you? Surely...


Orihuela plans site for motorhomes close to city centre

The parking and overnight area would be located in the river grove and would have the essential services of electricity and water. Orihuela Council has...

Madrileños called on to respect coronavirus restrictions

By Andrew Atkinson It seems that confusion reigns amid Madrid's top regional court rejecting a partial lockdown imposed on the capital and nine nearby towns...


Winning The Lottery or Hitting the Jackpot – Which Is More...

Gamblers do not discriminate between betting options as their end goal is to walk away with some good money. That is why they prefer...

Rafael Nadal Targeting Grand Slam Outright Record In 2021

Spaniard Rafael Nadal won his 13th French Open earlier this month, a victory which puts him level with his great rival Roger Federer with...

Local Entries Increase As Melbourne Cup Acceptances Reach 10 Year High

Despite the challenges the sports industry has endured in the past few months, the Melbourne spring fair prizemoney is still a big attraction to...

Legal Single-Game Sports Wagering is Coming to Canada, Eventually

The legalization of single-game sports betting seems closer than ever and yet the Canadian Parliament will most likely not see a return to the...

Product Reviews

These are the Top Brand Watches in the World

These are the Top Brand Watches in the World

As is the case with most products on the market, not all models and types...
Best Helium 10 Alternative

Best Helium 10 Alternative

In business, it's standard practice for merchants to carry out market research of whatever goods...

Earn Free Money! Automatic Coupons – Cashback and MORE #Honey Review!

Have you ever heard of Honey? Possibly, possibly not... Honey is, simply put, AMAZING! You can...





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