• Villamartin Plaza live music cancelled until further notice

By Andrew Atkinson

Villamartin Plaza remain ‘unplugged’ – with the ban on music remaining in place at the venue – amid a crackdown on live music throughout the Costa Blanca south.

Problems arose this month when former Hot Chocolate lead singer Greg Bannis was stopped by the police from going on stage at the Plaza moments before his performance was to begin.

Following the incident Casey Shaddock President and spokesperson for Villamartin released a statement saying their situation was in the hands of lawyers.

Villamartin spokesperson Casey Shaddock
Villamartin spokesperson Casey Shaddock

On September 7 another statement was made by the plaza, that music remained banned, denying hopes of artistes and spectators returning to the popular venue.

Villamartin Plaza announced on September 10 that the fight goes on – with a ban on live music still in place, until further notice.

One disappointment visitor to Spain, Tracey Fullbrook, now back in the UK, said: “Myself and my best friend were there on September 3, ready for some ‘Hot Chocolate’ on our last weekend, celebrating our 50th birthday year.

“We were gutted on the night following the cancellation, and since we’ve returned to the UK we are now having to quarantine for 14 days.

“I’m totally upset that our night was ruined, by one complaint. The plaza is a wonderful place and the management do so much to make it that way. “Thank you for all that they do and their weekly updates, that help us feel a part of what is happening, even when we are not there.  You are fabulous and have our total support.”

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Villamartin Plaza is among venues who have been told that live music is banned, including Los Montesinos, and Lo Crispin, to name a few.

For the businesses in and around the plaza, as they were just beginning to get back onto their feet, the reality is that the legislation is not only ruining the summer holidays, it is crippling their livelihoods too.

A statement from Villamartin Plaza said on September 10: Cancelled until further notice. Fighting the City Hall!


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