• Quote: ‘On behalf of the management and staff we send thanks for the support given this season’ – Monte coach Jesus Santander

By Andrew Atkinson Chief sports editor Leader Exclusive

CD Montesinos are to be promoted from the Valencian 2nd Regional Group 14 after confirmation from the FFCV.

The Los Montesinos based club have been promoted to the 1st Regional Group 8 – after topping the 2nd Regional G14 table at the time of the Valencia (FFCV) fixtures postponement in March – amid COVID-19 lockdown.

CD Montesinos’s return to the 1st Regional Group 8 will be at the first attempt, under newly appointed coach Jesus Santander for the 2019-20 season, following relegation last year.

David Winder, a main sponsor of the club, spoke exclusively to The Leader following the confirmation of promotion.

“On behalf of The Full Monte and Torregolf the announcement of CD Montesinos becoming champions of Group 14 is great news.

“The promotion is well deserved with some great football and entertainment being played throughout the season.

“I personally was sorry not to see the celebrations on the football field”.

David added: “I have given our thanks, on behalf of the Full Monte supporters club, to Jesus and the team, wishing them all the best and we are looking forward to returning to the 1st Regional next season.”

Promotion on ice for Monte
Promotion on ice for Monte

CD Montesinos player Santos Manjon said: “Next season we hope to continue our form from the 2019-20 season and improve moreso.

“On behalf of the players, thanks goes out to the supporters for cheering the club on this season. I hope we continue to enjoy the future together.”

Monte coach Jesus Santander echoed Santos’s comments, saying: “On behalf of the management and staff we send thanks for the support we have been given this season.”

A statement from the FFCV:

To end the 2019/2020 sports season at the territorial level on March 14, at which time the State of Alarma was decreed in Spain, establishing the order of the competition with the results of the classification that were established on the last day played.

The final classification will be made and possible ties will be resolved according to the criteria established in art. 285 of the General Regulations of the FFCV.

In the event that in any group there are teams that have delayed matches, are pending play or whose composition is odd teams, the coefficient criterion will be applied to establish the classification, that is, divide the points obtained between the matches played to determine his place in the final classification.

At the FFCV Board of Directors meeting held electronically on May 14, the following agreements have been unanimously adopted and must be ratified by the General Assembly:

That there are no decreases in the categories of territorial scope, in coherence with what is established in non-professional national competitions.

That the promotions established by means of the Soccer and Futsal competition circulars (both male and female) take place, for the 2019/2020 season, both for those teams that promoted directly and for the teams that occupy promotion promotion positions, always in the event that its immediately superior category is territorial.

The competitions with promotion of promotion to national competitions will be played as planned, by majority consensus with the affected clubs, although they will be played through an express format and as long as the competent health authority allows it and the sanitary protocols for to be able to develop sports, as established by the RFEF in the national categories.

That there is no descent of referees in any territorial category. A circular will be published shortly detailing the above points, both for promotions and express promotions.

This decision is adopted once the national competitions have been resolved and in coherence with the line established by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

The FFCV and its Board of Directors are aware of the great difficulty involved in solving this season, both for the enormous effort and dedication made throughout it by the clubs, footballers, coaches and referees that make up this FFCV, and for the illusion of finishing it.

But it is necessary to adopt the present decision in order to protect the health of all the people who participate in any of the matches, championships and events organised by this Federation.

In order for this decision to have the necessary legal and statutory coverage, the FFCV urged the General Directorate of Sports of the Valencian Community on May 7.

This answered via email and reiterated that, according to Decree 2/2018 of January 12 of the Consell, the competence over official competitions and their calendar corresponds to the territorial federations. Finally, the FFCV wants to put on record that it begins to work in the following season, adapting its activity to the new reality, prioritizing the protection of health and convinced that it is time to side with its clubs, as well as to help them in everything possible.