• Quote: ‘2020 is a special year for all Montesinos, celebrating 30 years as an Independent town. Preparations to celebrate – but coronavirus COVID-19 came. But, we will celebrate, later’ – Mayor Butron.

By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

“The people of Los Montesinos encourage us to continue working – and we will do so. I am glad to have such good friends and neighbours – thank you very much”. The words of Mayor Jose Manuel Butron.

Mayor Butron has been praised for the work and safeguarding of the people of the Vega Baja hamlet town and urbanisation La Herrada, during the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown.

The Mayor, Ayuntamiento de Los Montesinos and Policia Local de Los Montesinos have been active, since government legislation lockdown on March 14.

Disinfection spraying has been undertaken on numerous occasions, with face masks provided by the council, of which Mayor Butron has been active in delivering personally, along with staff members.

With bars and restaurants closed during the coronavirus outset, legislation eased on May 4, following home delivery service, during lockdown.

Graham Stephen, proprietor of The Oasis bar and Restaurant in La Herrada, stepped forward in thanking Mayor Butron.

“We at Team Oasis are extremely grateful and appreciate the help, encouragement and assistance in continuing with the home delivery service,” Graham told The Leader.

“The home cooked meal service is for the residents – many locals who haven’t seen anyone during lockdown.

“They look forward to the hot meal delivery – observing the social distance and all safety guidelines.

“La Herrada is a large family community, who look after their friends and neighbours,” said Graham.

“Mayor Butron has made sure everything is in order – during an exceptionally busy time – with legislation workloads to undertake,” said Graham, whose thanks were echoed by a plethora of people who applauded the Mayor.

Mayor Butron told The Leader: “I thank everyone very much. I have a great team of people working, so that everything turns out well.

“2020 is a special year for all Montesinos – as we celebrate 30 years as an Independent town.

“We had many activities prepared to celebrate it – but the coronavirus COVID-19 circumstances have changed the schedule. But we will celebrate it, at a later date – as it deserves.”

Mayor Butron added: “The words of the people of Los Montesinos encourage us to continue working – we will do so.

“I am glad to have such good friends and neighbours – thank you very much.”

Mayor Butron and his team have worked round the clock, taking in duties, including overlooking drinking water facilities, asphalt and painting work undertaken, at a budget of €59,620.80, of which 80% is funded by the Diputation de Alicante and 20% by the Ayuntamiento de Los Montesinos.

Electronic tablets have been donated by Vega Fibra, Gofiber, Telecoro and Flexa, to facilitate communication and school support during the health crisis.

“We have already delivered the tablets to 10 families in the Municipality and our gratitude is given for this valuable and generous contribution,” said Mayor Butron.

May 4 saw Los Montesinos undertake disinfection spraying once again throughout the town, along with the students of the Municipal School of Music of Los Montesinos offered online auditions in liaison with the Ayuntamiento.

THE OASIS BAR & RESTAURANT La Herrada, Los Montesinos. Graham Stephen, Proprietor, and staff, look forward to seeing their loyal customers again, once the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown is lifted. StaySafe:StayHome.Tel: 645409436/+44 77138 5537.

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