• 60 deaths in one day brings the total number of deaths from coronavirus in the Community to 571
  • The total number of infected now exceeds 6,901, more than a thousand of whom are healthcare staff. Almost 2,000 patients are being treated in hospital.

The Valencian Community has registered sixty deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of deaths to 571. This has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health at a press conference on Saturday morning.

A further 277 cases have been confirmed, taking the total number of those infected since the pandemic began in the Community to 6,901, of which 1,137 are medical staff.

Of the new infections, 47 are in Castellón, 114 in Alicante and 116 in Valencia. Of the total figure, 787 are in Castellón, 2,559 in Alicante and 3,555 in Valencia.

Regarding the death toll, 56 have died from covid-19 in Castellón, 245 in Alicante and 270 in Valencia.

The high number of infected medical staff is now causing real concern, of which 136 have tested positive in Castellón, 498 in Alicante and 503 in Valencia.

In Valencian hospitals there are currently 1,977 patients receiving treatment, 87 fewer than yesterday: 242 of them are in Castellón, 43 in the ICU; 684 are in Alicante, 143 in ICU; 1051 are in Valencia, 200 of them in the ICU.

There are currently 91 nursing homes with positive coronavirus cases: 658 residents have tested positive, of which unfortunately 185 have died. There are also another 185 residential workers who have been infected.

However there is some good news in that during the last 24 hours there have been 103 discharges in the Community, so the total number of discharges is now 695: 56 in Castellón, 214 in Alicante and 425 in Valencia.

Nationally, Spain has registered the lowest number of deaths from coronavirus in 24 hours in eight days. Overnight there have been 809 new deaths bring the total to 11,744. Contagions rise to 124,736, with 7,026 new infections in the last 24 hours. 57,612 people have needed hospitalisation, 6,532 are now in the ICU, and 34,219 have been discharged.

On Thursday and Friday there were 950 and 932 new deaths respectively. The figure today is 809.

In terms of new cases there were 7,452 on Friday while 7,026 have been recorded this Satuday morning.