By Andrew Atkinson

The National Police have arrested a man after he was reported to be threatening to SHOOT dog walkers, deemed to be breaking strict regulations in the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown.

The man was escorted away by police in an area of Valencia after he had threatened to shoot dog walkers with an air rifle from a balcony.

He said that pet owners were extending the time protocol of walking a dog.

As reported in The Leader this week fines have been imposed by law breakers, who stray too far from their homes. Authorities have informed people, via media outlets, of the strict distance – and timescale – between 50-100 metres from home, for a 10 to 15 minutes dog walk.

However there are many dog walkers who still break the law, despite being advised by authorities for their own safety to limit their activities.

Police are active and have stopped dog walkers, asking for the relevant canine paperwork and home address, to check if they are abiding by the rules.

Amazingly dog walkers were still out on March 30 – having received strict instructions to remain at home – during disinfection spraying being undertaken within regions.

Ayuntamientos in the Alicante region announced measures recently, with bottles and poo bags available for the spraying and collecting of dog faeces, provided for free.

Despite the few dog walkers not adhering to the law most dog owners are law-abiding citizens and complying with the government protocol.


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