• Coronavirus (COVID-19) news
  • Material for masks distributed to volunteers by Ayuntamiento de Los Montesinos

By Andrew Atkinson

Following an appeal to produce masks for those suffering from illness of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Spain, by the Ayunmiento de Los Montesinos, distribution of material has commenced.

“On Friday, March 27, we started the distribution of the material to the volunteers who came forward to make masks,” said a spokesperson from Los Montesinos town hall.

An overwhelming response from the people of the Vega  Baja town volunteered to undertake the task, in the wake of low supplies of masks.

“Over 30 people volunteered to help in Los Montesinos in the campaign of ‘Excellent Health, Citizen Platform’,” said the spokesperson.

Following the initial distribution of material further deliveries will be made on March 30, prior to delivery to Torrevieja Hospital.

Once the masks are made they will be taken to Torrevieja Hospital where they will undergo sterilisation, prior to use and distribution.

“We thank everyone very much for volunteering,” added the spokesperson.

*Photographs courtesy of Ayuntamiento de Los Montesinos.


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