The new website includes advice and instructions across a multitude of subjects including the virus itself, advice for those who are sick, isolated at home, self-employed, employed, as well as the business community.

The site was launched on Saturday providing advice, recommendations and instructions to Valencian society about the different situations caused by coronavirus.

The website, is promoted by the Presidency of the Generalitat, with the aim of centralising all regional information related to this disease and its side effects. There are links to all the pages that each Ministry has created to report on the virus which it will continue to update in the coming days.

The main part of the site covers three areas: health, home confinement and the world of work and business.

The first area groups three different scenarios: if you are suffering from symptoms; if you live with an infected person or if you belong to a vulnerable or an at risk group.

The second area of ​​information addresses three domestic situations: if you are at home in isolation; if you are alone or elderly, or if you are afraid or anxious about the situation caused by the COVID-19 disease.

The third main block of information is more focused on the workplace and business, advice is given based on three situations: if you have a business; if you have to telecommute; or if you are salaried.

Some of the advice included in the new website includes the following: what should I do if I have symptoms? How is the new coronavirus transmitted? What can I do to protect myself?

In addition, cleaning advice is also included and questions answered such as: what indications and precautions do I have to take into account if I intend to visit a person at risk?

It also offers advice on maintaining good physical and mental health if you are in quarantine, as well as recommendations for managing fear or anxiety or on how to act with children, as well as educational resources for children and adolescents.

Other questions that are answered are: in what situation are the applications for business aid offered by the Generalitat? What are the preventive measures that I have to adopt in my company, business or job, if it remains open, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? Can companies replace quarantined workers? Or does the employee have the obligation to notify the company if he feels the risk of being infected? It also incorporates simple guidelines for the correct implementation of teleworking.

The website prominently displays the Generalitat’s information telephone number for those who have a query about the coronavirus, 900 300 555.

It also links directly to the Coronavirus Autotest introduced by the Department of Public Health.

In addition, the website incorporates all the news from the Generalitat related to the coronavirus, as well as all the latest tweets about the disease.

The new website also allows the downloading of its pages with recommendations and frequently asked questions, as well as other useful information of public interest to the people of the Valencian Community.


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