• What is the Orihuela 5 year plan – do they have one?

David Turner has aired his opinions and thrown down The Gauntlet following the announcement by Orihuela Councillor Damaso Aparicio that he is putting into place action against illegal dumping in the area.

“We have been visiting the area since 2003 and a property owner since 2004,” David from, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, told The Leader.

“During that time we have seen little improvement in the overall management of the area. “Orihuela Costa is the ‘piggy bank’ of Orihuela Council – yet investment in the area appears to be ad-hoc,” said Sydney born David.

“You only have to look at planning – lack of provisions for rubbish collection – and the impact on residents, with extra traffic noise and disruption,” said David.

“New developments can be built and habitable, months prior to rubbish bins being provided, placing a strain on other bins in the area – leading to over-filling and dumping,” reasoned David.

Mattresses and furniture items have been a ‘dumping ground’ and David said: “As for oversized items ‘where, when and how’ do these need to be put out?

“What are the policies and procedures – and importantly how are these transmitted to the fluctuating population, if at all?”

David continued: “It’s not just the rubbish that lets the area down – the ‘broken window effect’ is alive in Villamartin. “Look at the amount of billboards springing up, making the area look untidy, cluttered and unwelcoming. In a digital age, are they necessary?

“There’s also the poor road conditions – not to mention the lack of footpaths and the maintenance of those that are present.

“Garden waste collections are another issue – and the refusal by Councils to finish of Zona Verde. Ours hasn’t been done at all.”

David said those affected have even offered to undertake certain issues themselves, saying: “Despite repeated requests to the Council – with an offer to adopt and landscape areas ourselves to their specifications, we have had no response.”

David Turner: What is the Orihuela 5 year plan. Do they have one?
David Turner: What is the Orihuela 5 year plan. Do they have one?

David hit out: “This lack of vision, planning and engagement is unacceptable.

“Just look at the yearly ‘fiasco’ surrounding the beaches, or flooding.

“Is it so difficult, the ‘manana’ attitude or couldn’t care less? -the perception is ‘couldn’t care less’.

“So, if this isn’t the case, there’s an issue with reputation and image. But are they bothered about that?

“Remember, most of the people affected don’t vote. Things have to change, if the area is to improve. The Council needs to work smarter – not necessarily harder.”

On the future, David asks: “What is their 5 year plan. Do they have one? What are their priorities and how do they fit in with what the community wants – and needs?

“How do they manage expectation, concerns and fears. Or does this fall into the too difficult pile?

“Where is the plan, and how do you access it. What consultation process is there; how do they engage.

“And, most importantly, if they do, is it meaningful and transparent?

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.”


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