Life-saving defibrillator training got underway in Cabo Roig last week carried out by former paramedic Jeff Knoxx.

The training took place in The Cabo Roig Inn involving students from Smiling Jacks, Milo’s Bar, The Cabo Roig Inn and Playa Marina 2 Aparthotel.

Two defribrillators were presented by the appeal committee last month to Smiling Jacks and to The Cabo Roig Inn and these are both now in place and accessible during an emergency, with three further devices due to be installed in business units on both sides of the Cabo Roig strip later in year.

The trainer was former paramedic Jeff Knoxx.
The trainer was former paramedic Jeff Knoxx.

The Appeal Group Founder Breda said “It is our belief that defibrillators should be as common as fire extinguishers, cared for, and be readily available, with suitably trained individuals on hand in every bar. The two that we have already presented will be the first of many that we hope to provide.”

Such is the support received by local businesses that a second training course for staff and residents will take place this coming Wednesday, 19 February, in the same venue.

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are a simple and effective method of administrating life-saving treatment to a casualty suffering from cardiac-arrest and can be used on both adults and children over the age of 1 years old.

AEDs are extremely safe to use as they provide clear step-by-step instructions on how to use them and will only allow a defibrillation shock to be delivered to a casualty if one is required.

There is no doubting how vital AEDs can be in saving-lives. Prompt delivery of defibrillation can result in survival rates as high as 75% (Resuscitation Council, UK). Having one close by could mean the difference between life and death.