Euronics Darts Results Thursday 19th April

The Porters on bended knee to the Pretty Pink Queens

Team KO and Auxiliary KO Semi-finals

Team KO Cup

Junction Jackals 7-5 Hub Hyenas & El Capitan  9-3 Wee Rockers

Auxiliary KO Cup

Porter House 7-1 Pint Depot Queens & Hen’s Teeth 3-9  Las Rosas

Junction Jackals v Hub Hyenas Match report by Phil de Lacy

The match was played at Angels Bar in Los Dolses, a neutral venue for this semi-final of the team knockout cup. These two sides have become close rivals in the last few years with some great games which have all been won by the Hyenas. They have always been able to close the match with two or three legs to take a close win – they seem to bat a bit deeper than most other sides.

So, Thursday night’s effort by the Jackals was a real revelation for them and a little unexpected after some indifferent form of late. They got off to a flying start led by main men Andy Rutter (121), Lee Maiden and Mark Todd (140,100) who took the first leg comfortably. The old hands of the Hub were having none of it, and Paul Durant, Joe Miller and John Eyre settled the ship to even the scores. The match then took a familiar pattern with each side politely taking it turn to win a leg which made it 3 all at half time. Notable darts came from Lee maiden with two consecutive 140’s.

It seemed that this match was about to take the same course as the previous half dozen meetings between these teams, with the Hyenas getting the better of the singles, but when Andy Rutter beat Joe Miller and Lee maiden beat Del McCauley there was a glimmer of hope for the Jackals. John Eyre brought the Hub back to within 1 but Hugh Galloway beat Paul Durrant to make it 6 – 4 and all to play for.

There was some nervous play from here on in with none of the players playing to their full potential. Alex Nikolov made it 6 – 5 with an unusual double 3, double 2 finish and Paul Miller could count himself unlucky that he didn’t finish the match there. Then up stepped Super Nige – an unlikely hero for the Jackals but in a role he’s become accustomed to filling. In a very close tussle with John Williams he secured the win with a mighty double 2 to became the hero the hour.

As was the case last season, the Jackals will face old adversaries El Capitan on 10th May to decide who will be the Team Cup champions. 

El Capitan v Wee Rockers

El Capitan stormed to a 6-0 lead in the triples and pairs but Wee Rockers’ Alan Havelock took the first singles against the mighty John Walker to prevent a white wash.  MOTM for El Capitan was Aroldas, who won his game against in the 2nd singles against Wee Rocker Billy. In good spirit, El Capitan and Wee rockers played all 12 games with the Wee rockers collecting two more legs in the singles.

Porter House v Pint Depot Queens Report by Brian Nash

The Queens certainly came to enjoy their evening as did Porterhouse. The triples started with Peter Ayres, Ray Hayes and Graham Todd hitting D18 taking the first from Pam McCutcheon, Alison Wands, Maggie Morgan. Then Sid Cross, Jeff Ward and Yvonne Rouffignac 125 and D1 took the next against Marie Cummins, Rachel Broadhead and Lorraine Cox.

In the final triple Queens then fought back with a well deserved win with Lyn, Fozzard, Marie Cummins and Vi Turner who hit D5. Porterhouse then took all three doubles. Rachel, and Vi lost a close game against Ray Sanderson and Gnasher D1. Toddy and (cocky) Ward D1 took the second against Lorraine and Marie. The final pairs (jelly eel) Sid, Tuffty Ayres with D3 beat Maggie and Pam.

A big thanks to Amigos for the food supplied during the break.

By now the banter and jokes were flying around the room all in good taste. Into the singles with Porters leading 5-1. Lorraine played Hazy Hayes in a close encounter but Hazy with 121, D3 made it 6 for Porters. Marie was next to try save the match against Sid Cross who hit 140,132 and finished with D2 to win the match. To their credit both teams chose to stay in the bar and play out the remaining legs in an evening enjoyed by all.