Two cruise ships will arrive in Cartagena this week to coincide with the Carthaginian and Roman festivals, an ‘extra’ of about two thousand tourists arriving from the sea.

Wednesday saw the arrival of the Aidaperla , from the Aidacruises shipping company, which began its journey in Barcelona on September 17 and has visited the ports of Palma de Mallorca, Gibraltar, Cádiz and Malaga. The capacity of the cruise ship is 2,000 passengers, although capacity is limited due to restrictions derived from the pandemic.

The cruise liner ‘The World’ will dock on Friday to Sunday boasting the largest residential area in the world, the perfect combination of private yacht, luxury holiday residence and exclusive club membership, with only 150 owning families, from 19 countries.

The ship has a total of 165 residences, which vary between simple studios, with a bed, bathroom and a small living room, and triple residences, with up to three bedrooms with their respective bathrooms, a large living room, terrace and kitchen.

Its community is made up of passengers with high purchasing power, with an average age of around 55 years, who have bought or leased one of the 165 private cabins. Rented rooms start at $ 1,200 a night and property prices range from $ 1.2 million to $ 7.5 million, not including travel and living costs.

To end the month of September, on the 29th there will be a double visit to the Port with the arrival of the Bolette and the Marella Explorer (1,500 passengers between them) and on September 30, the Costa Diadema (2,475 cruise passengers) will be in port.