Hotel occupancy in Benidorm fell five points last week compared to the average of the previous seven days. The total number of occupied rooms is currently 66.2%, according to the data provided by the Hosbec hotel association. These figures continue the upward trend of the British market, which has risen another 2.8 points reaching 18.5% of all visitors and now being the second most representative market behind Spain Nationals (68.6%) .

This data is also reflected in the study carried out each week by Invattur in which they say that the British market represents 10% of all bookings, the highest figure in the last 12 months.

The expectations in this market continue to grow, particularly in view of the fact that the United Kingdom government has relaxed it’s restrictions: as of October 4, those who have been double vaccinated will be able to travel without any test. This has been mandatory throughout the summer and has hampered holiday demands because of the economic cost and the hassle of having to take tests.

Hosbec estimates that some 3,000 more beds have been made available by hoteliers in recent weeks, which have previously been closed due to the lack of clients. They now see in the British tourists a hope to recover their activity.

The availability of new rooms is believed to be one of the reasons why the numbers reflect a drop in occupancy, in addition to the end of the summer season. Experts point out that the reduction in family tourism has not been offset by the arrival of pensioners and retirees, who still remain uncertain about which option to choose: the Imserso program or trips organized by specialised agencies.

The Government continues to state that it will be marketed on time, despite the fact that none of the Imserso tenders have yet been awarded. This is a situation that Hosbec believes is generating uncertainty among its members who are holding reservations back while waiting for a new announcement by the social travel program.

Data in the Costa Blanca is similar across the rest of the province. For the Costa Blanca, excluding Benidorm, the average occupancy was 62.5% during the third week of September, thus exceeding the forecasts suggested during the previous week. The Spanish remain predominant users with 69.8% of the total. As has happened elsewhere, the British continue to consolidate their position at 2 in the ranking of nationalities.