The Benejúzar Council is carrying out repairs to the paving and asphalting on the old Almoradí road in the municipality of Benejúzar, a lane also known as ‘Los Santicos de la Piedra’ of Benejúzar.

The tender price of almost 150,000 euros will be subsidised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition to the tune of 60% with the remaining 40% assumed by the Municipality of Benejuice.

The mayor, Miguel López, explained that “about 70 people live on this 2 km long road and it is a very necessary work since it has not been repaired for decades.”

The Mayor said “First we will tarmac the road but, later on, we will carry out other complementary work such as the placement of signage to improve road traffic in this area.”