The 2022 Budgets have now been distributed to all members of the Governing Board of the Municipal Institute of Culture and to the members of the Board of Trustees of Habaneras, in advance of the debate and approval this coming Friday, 10 September.

Specifically, the budget for the Municipal Institute of Culture “Joaquín Chapaprieta” amounts to 3,663,015’95 euros, while the budget of the Municipal Board of Habaneras remains, as it was this year, at 850,000 euros.

The Councillor for Economy and Finance, Domingo Paredes, has highlighted the significant increase over this year in the budget for Culture of 2,005,200 euros, which he explains is due to the creation of a budget item that will be used to meet the objectives that the Popular Party set itself in the 2019 electoral campaign.

Once the Municipal Theatre is reopened, with these budgets it is sought to establish a new high-level cultural program in the coming months as well as assuming the management of the International Auditorium. In this way, the councillor said, he seeks to promote the economic revitalisation of the city, as well as that of the areas adjacent to cultural facilities.