The only waste transfer plant in the Vega Baja is finally very near to completion. After an investment of 2.8 million euros by the public company Vaersa, the site, located in the industrial park of the Huerta de Dolores is almost ready to receive up to 150 tons of waste per day.

Rubbish collection vehicles from the 27 municipalities of the region will no longer have to take their waste to the landfills at Elche, Villena, Alicante or Xixona as before.

Trash will be minimally compacted as it passes through a large hopper to be transported by large trailer trucks. This will reduce transport and maintenance costs for collection vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions by 60% – a single 20-ton truck will transfer what four collection trucks now carry to the landfill.

The site was visited by the councillor for Ecological Transition, Mireia Mollà (Compromís) and the president of the Waste Consortium and mayor of Bigastro, Teresa Belmonte (PP), together with the general director of Environmental Quality, Joan Piquer.

Mollà said that it is a historic moment for the region because it is the first real resource to treat rubbish in the Vega Baja. She said that the administration also has the opportunity to attract European funds.