Using the beautiful image of Our Lady of Monserrate, patron saint of Orihuela, the Department of Tourism has announced the routes that it has prepared for September.

Our Lady is the central theme, not only of the poster but also of two Saturday activities, the 11th and the 18th.

The first of the ‘Virgen de Monserrate’ routes will leave from the Cathedral to reach the religious retreat with a most attractive route both. Seven days later, on September 18, the departure will be from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Monserrate with a similar route and arrival also at the hermitage of the ‘Virgen de Monserrate’.

Without a doubt, the routes will meet all expectations again. There are dramatised walks, and on Friday, 3 September, children are the protagonists on a walk they will very much enjoy with ‘El Juglar y el Cruce de Caminos’; and on Saturday, 4 with ‘Los Gremios’ by Teatro Expresión.

The routes ‘A walk with Loaces’ are also back: Friday, 10; ‘Legends’: Friday, 17th and ‘Palacios’: Friday, 24th, all highly applauded by those who have already enjoyed them and for which there is a waiting list.

And the last Sunday of the month will be spent with an adventure on two wheels. Get ready, grab your bike and let’s go for a ‘A Bike Ride through the Twin Wheels, Moquita and Pando. The day will begin 9 in the morning at the Plaza del Carmen and it will surely be an unforgettable day. The route is a tribute to the World Tourism Day that is celebrated on Monday, September 27, with the slogan ‘Tourism and rural development’.

The routes have been developed by the Department of Tourism of the Orihuela City Council, and Mariola Rocamora, who wants to invite as many people as possible us to enjoy the natural environment while getting to know our local heritage.

To be able to attend any of the routes, you have to reserve a place because, in addition to being totally free, the numbers are limited. To register visit