• They say charity starts at home.

Well, meet Hayley Davies who has really taken this to heart and supported many local charities throughout the course of the last year.  This is all thanks to the raffles that she holds at the regular events attended by her ladies group.  With over 900 members, these ladies are forming close friendships, meeting new people and just generally having fun!

As if that isn’t enough, Hayley decided to take on the ambitious tasks of creating a ‘Calendar Girls’ style calendar for 2022.  Her aim being to include as many ladies as were willing to participate of all ages, shapes and sizes, and all ready to be brave! “Whilst we didn’t all know each other beforehand, we are all firm friends and a strong community of empowered women by the end!” says Hayley.

It was this feeling of a community coming together that drove the decision as to which charities to support,  As Hayley says “We wanted to select charities that embodied this and ended up selecting three, with each one providing emotional, practical and financial support to those who need it most”.  Hayley is referring to Samaritans in Spain, Help at Home and A Helping Hand, Costa Blanca.

With the ladies signed up and the charities agreed upon, an intensive period began where concepts and venues were selected as well as sponsors signed up.  This was quickly followed by the photo shoots themselves with photographer Kirsty Wallwork bringing the concepts to life, supported by hairstylist Nick Mooney.  All of the ladies proved to be willing participants and thanks to Kirsty’s relaxed and friendly approach felt very much at ease despite wearing very little!

To see the end result for yourself, Glitz & Glamour – Calendar Girls of Spain 2022 is now available to purchase for 8€ with all proceeds being split equally between the three charities.

Stockists include Samaritians in Spain Shop, Help at Home, Mumbai Blue, Cakes ’n’ Bakes, The Hen’s Teeth, Kacey’ Bar, The Post Shop in Villamartin and more.

Hayley would like to say a special thank you to all of the sponsors for their support, to Kirsty for her professional photographs, to Nick for the amazing hair styles, Gareth Blake for designing the calendar, Platinum Print for printing the calendars and of course to all of the ladies who took part.

If anyone is interested in joining Hayley’s Ladies who lunch group, check out the Facebook page ‘Ladies Who Lunch – in and around the Villamartin area’.