The Valencian Generalitat is currently developing an emergency application for mobile devices in order to inform the residents of the Vega Baja in real time about extreme weather events.

As such, those who prescribe to the app will be able to receive messages and warnings of emergency situations related to the weather, those such as the DANA that devastated the region in September 2019. This is one of the projects included in the Plan Vega Renhace del Consell.

With the tool it is intended that people can be more prepared if such extreme weather phenomena is repeated, which according to experts will become more and more frequent in future years.

The application will send a notice to mobile devices with initial alerts, followed by regular messages advising of the developing situation.

It is one more step that will hopefully turn the Vega Baja into a more resilient territory in extreme cases of emergency, such as floods.

In addition, the creation of a messaging library in different languages is planned, as well as a short, clear and concise message on the emergency situation in real time.