By Andrew Atkinson

San Javier born Marta Penalver jetted-off to Palma from Italy to attend her II Futsal Clinic, in La Palma, before returning home to Murcia for a short summer break.

“Thanks to all of you who have made it possible for the clinic to take place,” said Spain International Marta, who plays for Citta de Falconara in Italy.

Marta with her grandmother

Marta, capped at international level, who collected a Cup winner’s medal during the Futsal 2020-21 season at Citta di Falconara, and who met up with her family in Murcia amidst the coronovirus pandemic said: “Sport in general, and futsal in particular, contributes so much to life, even at the most difficult times.”

Marta’s grandmother put Marta through her paces in Roldan when meeting up with the family during her summer holiday.