The Orihuela City Council has refused to accept the transfer of the property of the old courts that was recently approved by the Ministry of Finance, because the document sent by the Consell to amend the ownership is written only in Valencian.

The local government, of PP and Cs, has refused to accept the document and will not do so until the Consell sends it in Spanish.

The document approving the transfer of the property was received on May 21 but the Orihuela government says that it does not comply with the decree of the Consell which says that, “Communications from the Administration of the Generalitat with Local Administrations or agencies, will be drawn up in Valencian and Spanish.”

On Friday the PSOE spokeswoman, Carolina Gracia, spoke about what she considered to be an “unjustified delay” by the Department of Heritage led by Cllr Rafael Almagro in attending to the matter.