Spain’s Council of Ministers has agreed to a four month extension for the transitory period in which the holders of a driving license issued by the British authorities, those who have obtained residency in Spain, will be able to continue driving in the country, despite the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

After this period the Spanish regulations for driving licenses issued by third countries will be applied, the exchange being necessary in order to continue driving in Spain.

The UK driving licence will now be valid to drive in Spain until October 31.

However, those who registered their intent to exchange their driving licence before the 30/31 December 2020, still have until December 31 to make the exchange.

After this transitory period has elapsed, holders of a British driving license who travel to Spain for periods of less than six months may continue driving in Spain, but those British citizens residing in Spain will not be able to do so, since, after six months of residence, their British permit is no longer valid in Spain, unless they exchange it for a Spanish one.

As the requirements and necessary procedures are still under discussion between the Spanish and British authorities, it is considered necessary to extend the period of validity of British permits in Spain, for an additional period of four months”.


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