NEMESIA Berries and Cream will give your garden compact foliage – with endless streams of wonderfully fragrant flowers all summer and well into September.

Their two-lipped flowers are often bi-coloured, in shades of lilac and cream with a dazzling yellow centre, which make a great accent plant for any garden planting scheme of yellow, blue or pink.

They prefer moist, well-draining soil, that is in full sun to partial shade. Growing height and spread are both between 12-16 inches, that cascade slightly, which lends itself beautifully to be grown in containers, or hanging baskets.

Nemesis are a fantastic addition to your garden for attracting insects, bees and butterflies.

The half hardy perennials die back in the winter and return in spring, that require very little care and attention, and come back even stronger year-on-year.

Maintenance: deadhead any spent flowers regularly and cut down after flowering, which will encourage a second flush of blooms.


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