The business world can be tricky to navigate. If you have a big company, chances are you’ll attract a considerable amount of media coverage sooner or later. Many companies even make it their mission to have their brand names appear in the news as often as possible.

The kind of industry you’re in doesn’t matter, what matters is knowing how to craft effective press releases. Crafting effective press releases is a great skill that can come in handy in many situations. Here are a couple of tips worth paying attention to if you plan on writing a press release, either for your own business or for someone else.

Less Is More

It’s not always the case, but the old adage works very well for press releases: the fewer words, the better. A press release cuts straight to the chase, without the boring or unnecessary details. The ideal press release is around 300-400 words long. Think about it: it’s a statement, a short, concise description of the state of things, or a summary of how your company or organization sees the situation.

Anything longer than the ideal length won’t be very useful because your message will get lost in the word clutter and you may appear clumsy, thus your use of language unwieldy. By keeping your press release short and sweet, your message is bound to get across to the public without a hitch.

Use Professional Services

If you are not as experienced in writing press releases as you would like to be, use the services of professionals who specialize in writing providing press releases, and providing other media solutions. Online press releases can be very helpful in expanding the reach of your brand.

You should also do your own homework and learn more about an online press release from eReleases where you’ll find plenty of expert tips. This way, you can avoid some of the pitfalls of press release writing while also being able to work with an experienced team of content writers who can provide you with great publicity. Well-written pieces will make your business appear far more professional.

Headlines Matter

Press releases are all about interesting headlines which catch people’s attention. If you are a business owner, you want to craft your own headlines by getting your company into positive news stories. A great tip is to use plenty of action verbs in your headline while focusing on the key information you want to transmit. You’ve only got one line with which to entitle your press release, so it pays to make the most of your space. Taking the time to write a compelling headline that gets people’s heads turning matters a lot.

Inverted Pyramids

There’s a secret method to writing news stories. In media studies, the secret method of writing news stories is known as the ”inverted pyramid”. Start with the 5Ws: who, what, when, where, why?

Ask yourself these questions: Who’s responsible for the message? what is new about it? When is the event? Where is all of this happening? And, most importantly, why is this event important for other people and why should they care? This is the peak of the pyramid.

Always begin at the top, with short, sharp answers to the 5Ws. Second, add some appealing details which maybe aren’t so important but still add color and a little detail to the headline, without going into too much detail. Third, at the very end of your press release, add some unimportant content, platitudes, or good wishes, depending on the situation.

Expressions of emotion are also good if it’s the right occasion. By structuring your release the right way, the message will evidently get across and more journalists, as well as consumers, will start to take notice.

Pitching Your Messages

As a rule, press releases aren’t just meant for the public’s consumption alone. The first people who receive press releases are journalists, whose job is to choose what will become the news. If your press release connects with a major story, pitching it to journalists should be easy.

However, if your press release is more of a smaller event, journalists might not be as interested at first. Still, never fear, because by choosing your introduction message carefully and pitting your release the right way, you will be sure to find journalists who are willing to spread your message far and wide. Think about what type of media you want to target with your press release.

It makes sense to look for specialized media outlets which deal with topics relevant to your business. When it comes to journalism, newsworthiness is key, so your pitch will have the most chance of success if it comes off as something very important. You want people to pay attention and realize the importance of what you’re telling them. Telling is the preliminary to selling.

A Punchy Style

As a rule of thumb, it’s worth sticking to sentences that are 25 words or less. A written press release isn’t a doctoral dissertation or a science book that requires lengthy sentences, it’s a short document that tells the public about an event, which is news. Short sentences get the point across, without containing unnecessary jargon or complicated words and hard-to-read sentences.

Explain why this event you happen to be sharing is newsworthy. A press release has to be about an event. Without an important occasion or happening, there’s no point in releasing such a document in the first place. Even if it doesn’t seem like a grand occasion, be sure that your release really is about something, phrasing it in a way that emphasizes how important the event is and why people should know more about the announcement you will make.

Otherwise, your material could just come across as promotional or unprofessional. Everyone knows you’re trying to sell a product or expand your market share, but it’s best if a press release actually tells people about something which really happened.

Female reporter at press conference or media event, writing notes, holding microphone. Journalism concept.

Writing a press release can be a challenging task. Whether you are just starting or are looking to improve your way of writing, you can use these tips when crafting your next press release.

Keep in mind that mastering the fine art of writing press releases can be very tricky, so if you can’t seem to get the hang of it on your own, you might be better served by seeking the help of professional press release writers.