By Andrew Atkinson

Eighty million euros of European funds have been applied for by Alicante City to finance urban and technological projects – including €3 million to reform the Town Hall.

The City Council has proposed to the Consell 23 proposals for €54m presented to the Ministry of Finance, that also includes restoration of La Británica and a Municipal sustainable energy plan.

The initiatives relate to waste management, mobility, sustainability and energy efficiency, with projects scheduled to improve the quality of life in the city and surrounding areas.

The proposals are from areas of Infrastructure, Local Development Agency, Urban Planning, Housing Trust, Traffic and Transport, and the Environment.

The Next Generation European funds applied for are to finance Alicante recovery projects after subsidies for technological initiatives on the digital agenda and neighborhood rehabilitation are scheduled for completion in April.

The Councillor for Innovation and Project Co-ordination, Antonio Peral (PP), held a digital meeting with the general director of European Funds of the Generalitat Valenciana, Juan Ángel Poyatos, announcing the list of projects closed and presenting to the Ministry of Finance, 23 projects, totalling €54m.

Amongst projects registered, include the rehabilitation and musealization of the old La Británica refinery and its surroundings.

The Sustainable Energy Plan for the municipality of Alicante; 9.3 million euros;

The project for the rehabilitation of Phase 1 of the old Casa de Misericordia – tobacco factory – €7.3m.

The implementation of public transport in areas with low population density; € 6.1m. The comprehensive reform of the Plaza de Toros and surrounding areas; €3.1m. Project of a zone of low emissions; €1.3m. Reform of Fernando Díaz de Mendoza 1 building for intergenerational housing; €1.3m. Implementation in the official APP of urban transport of Alicante with the possibility of recharging the transport ticket via Smartphone; €1.2m.

Proposals for a new cycling route on Avenida de las Naciones; €500,000; study of the implantation of the bus lane in Aguilera avenues and in Novelda avenues; €274,000.

The comprehensive reform of the Town Hall; €3m. Street central pedestrianisation; €2.5m. Introduction of electric buses; €1.5m. The rehabilitation project San Gabriel school in Plaza Enrique López Vidal 5 for the elderly and health centre; €1.6m.