Abundant rain, around one hundred litres per square metre in March, an increase in temperatures, more insolation, and the arrival of spring. All are synonymous with the clouds of mosquitoes currently being experienced in Torrevieja. Swarms can be regularly seen across dozens of points in the urban area and residential areas.

Indeed half of the municipal area is a wetland, which, with brackish waters is the ideal habitat for the reproduction of mosquitoes.

The council has therefore made its social network pages available to residents so that they can advise of the places where mosquito swarms are seen and for the last week or so the Department of Health, has been using it’s pest team, fumigation without respite, over al the days of the Easter holiday.

The pest control team has already fumigated the areas: Parque Estación, Margen de la zona de Acequión, Parque Asturias, Urbanización Parque de las Naciones, Hondo area; area Urb. DaVinci, C / Diamante, Colegio Acequión, Descampado hasta AFA, Refuerzo en Lavanderas, C / Rubén Darío, C / Hermanos Quinteros, C / Rosalía De Castro, C / Valle Inclán, Torretas, Vía Verde, Municipal Leisure Center,All sewage and drainage.

It is understood that spraying will continue until they have gone.

You can notify the Torrevieja City Council of the areas where there are mosquitoes, by sending an email to sanidad@torrevieja.eu.. Alternatively you can message through the facebook page of the Torrevieja Health Department

Images courtesy: www.objectivotorrevieja.es