• Operational Response Group of Alicante Central District Police Station and Citizen Security Brigade of the Alicante Provincial Police Station raid

By Andrew Atkinson

The Guardia civil police have unveiled a prostitution parlour in Alicante – after a member of the force entered the premises under the premise of a client.

The parlour is being run in a house located in a central street of the city, in which women are actively practicing prostitution clandestinely.

During the 10pm curfew in place, due to the Government’s coronavirus legislation, a Guardia Civil patrol observed a Taxi collecting a male passenger and followed it to his destination.

Upon the passenger exiting the taxi he continued his journey on foot when the police stopped him for questioning. It was then he revealed he was going to a prostitute parlour.

The police reported the information to colleagues of which one made access into the house undercover to discover women working as prostitutes who had clients.

The police undertook a full inspection of the parlour, reporting six reports for infraction of health regulations to the prostitutes and to their clients.

The prostitute parlour has been filed for closure under the orders of non-compliance with the regulations of the Autonomous Community, regarding the opening of public premises and establishments.

The incident was carried out under the Operational Response Group of the Alicante Central District Police Station and the Citizen Security Brigade of the Alicante Provincial Police Station.

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