Getting away for a family vacation is a tradition for many: almost 100 million Americans travel during holidays every year. Family vacations bring the best memories, strengthen relationships and widen horizons. No secret, it can be troubling to travel with your little ones, and you might consider waiting until they grow up.

We say – there is no need to wait! Private jet vacation alternative has you covered – no matter if you are flying with a baby, a toddler, or a few teenagers on board.

Never too young to hop on a private family jet

One of the main advantages of flying privately is immense flexibility when traveling pregnant or soon after labor. Typically, commercial airlines do not allow travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy and require a medical certificate after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

A private jet charter must follow similar rules. However, they are permitted to make exceptions and welcome a pregnant woman aboard if she has official doctor’s approval. Besides, most private charter companies can arrange a physician on board to care for the expectant mother.  This way, families can travel stress-free and enjoy complete health safety.

When traveling by a commercial aircraft with an infant, the best-case scenario – your baby will sleep throughout the flight, or you receive a few angry glances.  Worst case – the airline will not allow you and your kids on-board. However, private jets allow flying with a newborn as soon as you are ready to. The only request for a baby is to have a valid passport, and you are free to go.

Nonetheless, remember that kids aged two onward are required by law to have their own seat on any aircraft: private or commercial. It means your toddlers will not be allowed to stay on your lap during the take-off or landing. You can install your own baby seat in most commercial planes – we recommend bringing car seats approved to use in an airplane.

If you do not want to carry additional items from home – fly privately. When placing an order, you can request a baby seat and other safety measures for your little ones, usually for no additional fees.

Flexible packing

No matter how old your children are, packing for a trip can be demanding. You will never know if your kids need that extra outfit just in case you want to dine out in the evening or go hiking. Moreover, traveling with an infant means at least an additional bag of diapers, milk bottles, and their favorite toys. Not to mention bringing a baby stroller on board.

Commercial airlines have quite strict rules about the weight and size of luggage, and if it is overweight, you can expect to pay an additional fee of up to $200. However, flying private gives more freedom.

The maximum jet passenger capacity determines how many suitcases can be taken on board. Typically, 2-3 units of luggage are permitted for each passenger. Still, if a family of six is flying by a 10-passenger aircraft, there will always be space for your skiing equipment or one more suitcase.

Simple boarding process

Spending hours in check-in security lines and waiting for gates to open is not the way to make your vacation memorable. Flying via air charter companies will ensure that you can undergo security screenings separately from commercial airline passengers – in significantly shorter queues.

Furthermore, your luggage will be handled immediately upon arrival at an airport. Usually, these optimized processes take 15-20 minutes – no more dealing with your impatient toddlers and wasting precious vacation time stuck at the airport.

Plenty of space

Although vacation is time you want to spend with loved ones, personal space does come in handy. Flying privately means that your youngest kids will play without disturbing the older ones watching a movie. When traveling long distances, sleep is necessary to prevent jet lag. Thus, in a private jet, every family member will hold their own bed – for all to have quality rest.

In contrast, commercial airlines typically have lesser room for feet and minimal freedom for cabin movement. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the peace and top-notch comfort, a private jet is ideal.

Adjusted diet

Some say “you are what you eat,” and having a healthy diet is an essential part of self-care. Besides, healthy eating can improve your in-flight wellbeing and prevent jet lag. Therefore, the number one tip for traveling with a baby, toddler, or teenager is to take care of a menu.

Commercial flights cannot provide much food variety – there are only a few vegetarian or gluten-free options. The food is also typically pre-cooked and served re-heated. Thus, if you wish for more flexibility and fresh dishes on-board – look at alternatives.

When signing a contract with private air charter companies, you can include meal plans in your booking. Meal plans will allow you to enjoy international cuisine prepared by world-class chefs. What’s more, you can inform the company about your family members’ allergies, eating habits – the dishes will be adjusted to meet everyone’s needs.

TOP 3 Places to visit for families

Although the flight itself is a memorable part of the journey, the main priority is the destination. Due to the worldwide pandemic, options are limited. However, there are many great sites within the US, suitable for families with children of all ages. Therefore, we would like to suggest our three best picks that do not require any testing or self-isolation upon arrival.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Grand Canyon National Park is a bucket list visit for every American. There is no better way to explore its 1900 square miles than with family. Let your little ones discover the beauty of animal wildlife or play surrounded by magnificent sights. Teenagers will love sharing stunning selfies with the Grand Canyon background and learn about the Colorado River carving it from stone from the park’s rangers.

The most significant advantage of the Park is that you can drive or catch a shuttle bus to see the most popular parts of the canyon – so the youngest ones will not be exhausted in the first hour of exploring. What’s more, if you plan in advance, you can stay at one of the famous lodges or set up in an RV/Campground within the park territory.  So take your time to play, learn and make meaningful memories.

Destin, FL

Spend an active day outdoors in Destin! Twenty-four miles of white sand beaches are a perfect formula for an unforgettable family vacation. Although amusement parks are yet closed due to COVID-19, the city is in the 3rd phase of re-opening, so most outdoor alternatives are available. Try pirates-themed treasure hunts, sightseeing cruises, fishing, swimming with dolphins, and visiting Emerald Coast Science Centre.

Destin is rich with luxurious resorts, so after having an adventurous day outside, gather for excellent quality dinner and enjoy each other’s company until kids’ bedtime.

Hilton Head, SC

Hilton Head, multiple times elected as the best vacation island in the US, is a dream getaway spot for all families. The place is ideal for active leisure enthusiasts – hiking, biking trails, kayaking, and playing golf here, as nowhere else in the country.

If your loved ones are looking for passive relaxation – browse local boutiques, visit historic attractions and spend an afternoon on the beach. Regardless of what you decide, the Island will surprise you with a welcoming atmosphere and leave you wishing for more. So hop on the flight and enjoy the adventure of your lifetime.


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