By Andrew Atkinson

The City Council of Crevillent will carry out a public recognition of Miguel Ruiz, following his death, a sculptor based in Crevillent and where he has an important part of his sculptural work in the town, both in public spaces by commission from the City Council or through private initiatives.

“Miguel will always live in our hearts. A great farewell to you, a great person and a great artist.

“This world will always miss you and we will always miss you more. Take that joy wherever you want go – the world is yours, mareaoooo,” Rojales artist Manolo Cano told me.

The Municipal Groups held a meeting, telematically summoned by the Mayor and have agreed to carry out a public recognition of the sculptor Miguel Ruiz born in Ronda, who settled in Crevillent.

“At the meeting, among other recognition options, the dedication of a street in the town with the name of the sculptor, in which the entire Municipal Corporation will work by consensus, has been evaluated,” said Manolo.

“It has also been agreed that they will initiate the procedure to dedicate that public space to the figure of Miguel Ruiz in a next meeting of the Board of Spokespersons in which they will work to determine exactly the street or public space.

“The type of act of recognition to  a significant figure based in Crevillent – and of course a great artist,” added Manolo.

The sculptor Miguel Ruiz has left an important legacy of sculptural works in the town, such as the monuments to Jaume II el Just in the Plaza de la Comunidad Valenciana.

A monument to the Festa in the Paseo de Fontenay; a monument in the Plaza de España; a monument to the  “Niño Menao” in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento; the bust of Canónigo Manchón; the knight Laureate Francisco Aznar and the sculptural plaques on the pedestal of the obelisk, among others.

“In Elche he was known for the works of the Ternari, located in front of the Basilica of Santa María, El Espardenyer in the Plaza Mayor del Raval or the seated figure of Sixto Marco in the Plaza San Juan de Dios,” said Manolo.

The municipal groups of the City Council want to express their condolences to family and friends for the sudden and unexpected death of Miguel Ruiz, also closely linked to the civic entities of Crevillent.

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