The Teatro Circo in Orihuela

Only when the council decides that we should have a civic centre instead,is this another case of blatant discrimination against us, it’s like comparing they can have a three course meal and then feed us the scraps and make it sound as if we are being treated equally, then there is the question who will run the centre, if it’s a civic centre it will be under the control of an association which raises more questions who appoints them, also they would dictate the opening-closing times.

ORIHUELA CENTRE has 2 public libraries, one municipal and one of the Valencian Community, 700 meters apart. It has 9 museums and several more in project, several music schools (conservatory, municipal school of dance), several theaters / auditoriums (circus, La Lonja) as well as one more in project (bullfighting arena). It has at least 7 places for exhitions among which are the  the museum of San Juan de Dios, cultural Athenaeum, La Lonja, etc.

Throughout the year in old Orihuela there are many activities all together more than 100, to highlight in the municipal library two sessions a week for children and others, the national short film festival, the chamber music musical week , the week of theater on the street, etc.

Currently  well over a 1/3 of the population of Orihuela as a whole is located on the coast (In summer it can reach to nearly 300,000 people) there are no performances of any kind, nor exhibitions, LIBRARY, school of languages, of music, of dance,  courses for jobless and adults ( in Spain it is very common to have classes for adults even with the help from the university), etc.

The lack of infrastructure on the coast is evident and is one of the main demands of the inhabitants of the area. On the other hand, it is the municipality’s obligation to provide a cultural space and library and not doing so places it in a difficult situation before its citizens.

It would also increase the quality of life,

It would also increase the image of Orihuela Costa as a place of leisure,Culture and business.


In addition one of the current problems and is the decrease of the census inhabitants, who do not find incentives to register, could be alleviated. It should be noted that an inhabitant who, instead of living on the coast for 3 months, would like to live 9 months, would have an additional 36 weeks equivalent to 36 tourists visiting the coast for a week.

All of this would mean an improvement in house prices and the economy of many businesses that now have to rely in summer but with a proper CULTURAL CENTRE they would have clients all year round.

Remember that P.I.O.C members live on the coast amongst you not 33kms away,because we share your anger and frustration at our council we understand the needs of the coast better than other party

The place we think may be the best is the parking lot of the Zenia boulevard, part of which is municipal. It is a central place, with bike lanes, with parking, which serves both the area inland and the area closest to the sea. It is the best possible place.

How can you help simple, check your padron AND YOU MUST DECLARE YOUR INTENTION TO VOTE ,we have just over three years till the next elections,no party will ever look after us so we need to look after ourselves.