Following the extension by the Generalitat at the weekend the mayor of Torevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has issued a new decree extending the closure of municipally owned facilities to March 1.

As such, the closure of cultural and sports centres is maintained, the capacity in the libraries will remain at a maximum of 30% and municipal parks will close at 6:00 p.m., in addition to which all play equipment will be disabled.

There is a cessation of cultural activities in the Municipal Theatre and Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre, adding to the stoppage of performances and events previously suspended. In the Palacio de la Música, only the operation of the Municipal Conservatory may continue, as it is a regulated teaching activity that is regulated by its specific regional regulations.

In the Sports City, competition events, training and other similar activities for all group or individual sports are suspended, including those carried out by the Municipal Sports Schools.

Exceptions are those sports clubs that are involved in national or international competitions, and federated athletes who are preparing for national or international competitions.

The closure of municipal parks and green areas will remain at 6pm.

The weekly markets in Torrevieja and La Mata will continue to but with the capacity measures already established. The “La Plasa” Food Market, it will also continue its activities in accordance with the Covid standards established before this decree.


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