By Andrew Atkinson

American baseball player Mike Fiers monkey tail beard has opened up the locker on sports stars, from Neymar’s Mohican look, to Ronaldo’s half-shaved scalp, to River Plates Giovanni, shaved-top and pony tail, with long back and sides, to Paul Pogba’s colours, and Jose Mourinho shaving his head, when it comes to haircuts!

Remember the ‘Mullet’ cut that swept through football with Chris Waddle; Valderrama’s look, Gazza’s pony tail, to that of tennis star Andre Agassi.

Celebrity hairdresser, Leo Bancroft revealed former Chelsea star John Terry had been paying for haircuts for first team players and backroom staff for years.

Bancroft visited Chelsea’s Cobham training ground and visited Stamford Bridge for pre-match trims: “It almost became something of a pre-match ritual”, salon-owner Bancroft said.

Stop monkeying around - get ahead - get a haircut!
Stop monkeying around – get ahead – get a haircut!

Terry, 40, currently assistant head coach at Aston Villa, was at Chelsea during 1998-2017. Bancroft charged £55 for a men’s haircut during Terry’s time at Chelsea and the ex-England skipper is deemed to have clipped £145,000 from his wallet on haircuts for himself and colleagues over an eight-year period.

Spurs manager and former Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been known to cut his own hair.

Mourinho who once decided to shave his head, said: “I did it myself. I asked Fernando Torres to give me his machine and I did it myself in front of the mirror. “It is nice and it is cheap. In a couple of months I will have hair again. Some people can’t do it”.


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