Dolores municipal vehicles go green

Dolores municipal vehicles go green
Dolores municipal vehicles go green

Urbaser, the street cleaning concessionaire in Dolores, has introduced a fleet of electric vehicles to its municipal service, one of only a few to do so in all of Spain.

The vehicles were presented to the press by the mayor, José Joaquín Hernández, and the Councilor for the Environment, David Nortes, on Monday.

The new vehicles will be put into operation when the Transfer Plant starts operating.

The CEO of Alicante de Urbaser, Alberto Bleda, explained that “we have opted for the challenge posed by the Dolores town hall, of being a fully sustainable municipality, a municipality with zero emissions. This is the first step, the electric road cleaning machinery, and shortly, after the summer, we will also have the waste collection service running with the new electric truck and the Transfer Plant”.


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