Empty surgeries and a lack of trained staff in hospitals and health centres, especially nurses and doctors, to care for coronavirus patients.

This is the situation that is being experienced in health centres across the province since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. However, despite this lack of staff, The Ministry of Health has hardly taken on any retired doctors and nurses to support the exhausted staff who are working in our local hospitals and health centres.

And that is not because of a lack of volunteers! In both the first and third waves of the pandemic, two recruiting drives were introduced for retired medical professionals with over 160 wanting to help voluntarily of which just 9 were taken on.

Interesting article on page 3 which compares the travel times from Madrid by High speed train to Elche (2hr 8 min) and then by connecting coach from Elche to the coast and Torreveieja (3hr 45 min).

At a cost of 40 billion euros for the rail link it seems apparent that not a great deal of thought went into the onward journey.



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