A scandal has been revealed concerning the contract for vitally needed road repair and maintenance works in Orihuela Costa.    The company responsible for the execution of the contract for this work has alleged publicly that it is being sabotaged by the Councillor in charge of Infrastructures.

He has withheld payment for works under the contract for the past 4 months, equivalent to over a quarter of a million of euros and consequently much needed repair and maintenance is under threat.

The contract was awarded to a company which was not awarded the contract in the first place.

The initial decision was challenged legally and a court reassigned the contract to the company which now finds its execution being sabotaged by the Ciudadanos Councillor for Infrastructure.


Although the lamentable state of road and pavements in Orihuela Costa would require much greater expenditure, the contract is for the significant amount of €825,000 annually for an initial period of 4 years.

The company has complained publicly and directly to C.L.A.R.O. that the Councillor for Infrastructure has been blocking payment for the last 4 months of work, despite the fact that the work has been inspected and approved by Town Hall technicians.

Furthermore, among other complaints, it claims the Town Hall is not supplying material for the works, for which it is responsible, in the quantity or quality necessary.

It is speculated that the motive behind these efforts to frustrate the execution of the contract is to force its renunciation by breaking the company financially through denying payment for work carried out or to provide grounds for declaring breach of contract and consequently, by whichever means, enabling it to be reassigned again!!.

Legally, this would probably be to the company originally proposed by the Infrastructure department.

Whatever the reason, Cambiemos and C.L.A.R.O. will denounce this situation at the next full council meeting and seek to ensure that the residents of Orihuela Costa are not being deprived of the maintenance and repair of their streets and pavements which are in such a deplorable condition.


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