Elche University Hospital has opened an investigation following the airing of a live video that was broadcast last week, via a social network. It was recorded by a woman, who had sneaked into the Emergency Department, from where she then made her way into many of the rooms and corridors, implying that there is no crisis, because at no time did she meet with patients, despite wandering through much of the hospital.

During the video, she removed her mask on several occasions to speak, taking a selfie video, speaking to the screen from through which she was broadcasting, apparently live to her followers, saying that it is a lie that the hospitals are in crisis.

This video coincided with a protest in Spain by deniers of the pandemic, although there was no direct relationship.

According to the woman’s words, what she was trying to do was to show that what is happening in hospitals is a hoax.

“And they say they are collapsed!”, she repeated several times between expletives, as she walked through the empty corridors.

At times, she addresses staff in her path, asking where she can volunteer, as an excuse. All of them treat her in a friendly way assuming she is lost in the building and they go on their way.

The video lasts more than 20 minutes and has gone viral.

According to health sources, many of the statements made by the girl, indicating that she is in the ICU, are completely false because she is actually in the administration corridor of the unit.

However, the distress among many of the staff was evident, particularly in view of the security failure.

The woman, it seems, is from Cádiz and has recently arrived from London, but her reasons for being in Elche are unknown.

Elche Hospital is not only closed to visitors, but the staff themselves are strictly prohibited from accessing areas where they do not work, in order to prevent the virus from being transferred from one place to another, so the fact that a visitor gained unauthorised access to many parts of the building is of extreme concern.

The video would seem to mirror those taken in many UK Hospitals at the beginning of January claiming that the government was exaggerating the scale of the pandemic.


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