Raquel Belmonte, Mojácar’s Social Services Councillor, recently presented for approval at a plenary meeting, the first Equal Opportunities Plan for the town’s Men and Women.

The Social Services Department hopes to count on the involvement and participation of all Municipal divisions, as well the different political groups and associations within the town.

Amongst the long list of proposed objectives, is the support and promotion of associations to encourage their active participation, along with comprehensive action plans focusing on those who are experiencing difficulties.  Training and employment policies are a priority, as well as the eradication of obstacles that hinders the promotion of women locally.

There will also be a strong focus on the fight against gender violence and the management of balancing work, family, and personal life. The actions to be taken will have an impact throughout the areas of education, culture, sports, health, employment, and training,

Mojácar Council’s Local Police Force already has an important track record regarding the fight against gender violence.  Since 2007, it has had a Viogén unit that has worked continuously in the full monitoring of related cases and, is the only Andalucían town that fully manages the protection of all victims.

In 2016, the Local Police were awarded the Menina Prize by the Andalucían Government for their work and initiatives and, they regularly hold talks on prevention at different local educational centres as well as participate in regional Government assignments and training.

With this first Equality Plan, gender violence prevention campaigns will be intensified, with the preparation of informative brochures on; crimes against women, self-defence protocols, as well as activities aimed at self-protection and the psychological support for victims of violence.

With regard to family life and well-being, actions will be aimed at possible changes, to encourage a fair distribution of responsibilities in the home as well as increase the awareness on the subject of paternity leave.

In sports, there is an aim to promote participation of girls and women in all fields of sport, as well as encourage artistic and cultural interests.

In total, the envisaged objectives of this first Equal Opportunities Plan include around forty different actions spread over the different areas, which Mojácar Council intends to carry out after plenary approval.