By Andrew Atkinson

The Civil Guard has made an arrest after a drugs boat ran aground on the beach at Guardamar in which they discovered approximately fifty bales of drugs containing more than two tons of hashish.

It is thought that the drug runners realised that they had been discovered by the Security Forces at which point they set course for Moncayo beach where they ran the boat aground and fled

After the cargo was removed, despite several attempts to remove the boat on Wednesday, it remained stranded on Guardamar beach and was still there at the weekend, where it attracted people walking along the beach.

The drug traffickers fled the scene after being discovered by the Benemérita at dawn, after being detected when approaching the Port of Guardamar.

The Civil Guard were active monitoring the vessel movements, via cameras and radars of the Integral External Surveillance System (SIVE) alerting service personnel.

The drugs runners appeared to have discovered the Security Forces were watching them and headed for Moncayo beach – running the yacht ashore before fleeing – leaving behind their stash of hashish.

The Civil Guard, who arrested one person, alerted the service patrols in attempt to locate other members of the gang.

An inspection has been undertaken after the discovery of 50 bales of drugs, containing more than 2 tonnes of hashish.

The bales have been removed and transferred to the Armed Institute.

Attempts have unsuccessfully been made by the Civil Guard Maritime Service patrol and Maritime Rescue. Plans are afoot to remove it by land, via crane, to continue ongoing investigations.

The stranded yacht had its base port in Torrevieja, where its prior owner had sold it.

The Civil Guard are making ongoing enquiries in a bid to make further arrests.

The Leader reported a large dinghy that landed on the Moncayo Playa last month, suspected to have been used in a drugs run.