• Puig orders that these people not be given the second dose

The Ministry of Health is investigating politicians and ohers who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus without respecting the protocol, according to sources.

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, said on Thursday that “no person who has received the vaccine without being properly entitled to do so should receive the second dose”, in the case of mayors and councillors who have been vaccinated in recent weeks without being members of the priority groups.

“I say this with all my authority,” he said at a press conference adding that in the Region there have been a number of cases including the mayors of El Verger, Els Poblets (Alicante), Rafelbunyol (Valencia), and La Nucía (Alicante), as well as a provincial deputy.

When asked if the vaccinated mayors should follow the example of the Murcia Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, and resign from their positions Puig said that “obviously political responsibility must be assumed”.

“In the Community it was working very well last week, unfortunately now it has been diminished by the lack of vaccines,” he bemoaned, insisting that people must not be allowed to skip the protocol.

Of course one of those vaccinated was the Orihuela Councillor for José Galiano, a former nurse at Cabo Roig Medical Centre. Galiano said that due to the position “I am exposed all day.”

Spokespersons for Orihuela's two opposition groups, Carolina Gracia and Carlos Bernabe
Spokespersons for Orihuela’s two opposition groups, Carolina Gracia and Carlos Bernabe

The councillor received the first dose on January 6 at the San Francisco residence, as “there were vaccines that were left over and would have been be thrown away.”

Meanwhile the two opposition groups in Orihuela, PSOE and Cambiemos, have asked Galiano for an explanation and want to know if there is anyone else who received the vaccine despite not belonging to any risk group


  1. I think Galiano is one of the good guys here and IF the facts are as stated surely it is better to vaccinate someone of use to the community as a whole rather than have to throw it away and have it serve no purpose to anyone.

  2. Glad you agree – let us hope he gets to keep his job and to continue with his good work for the community.


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