• Admissions increased again in the last 24 hours to 4,175 patients, 577 of them in the ICU

The black week of the third wave of the coronavirus in the Community just gets worse as on Friday it left another 90 deaths in the community (33 in residences) as it also continued to increase the pressure on hospitals.

It has been a particularly negative week in terms of deaths with 95, 98, 96, 98 and now 90 recorded on the five weekdays.

The pressure on hospitals is also increasing with 4,175 people currently admitted, 577 of them in the ICU.

By province the figures are: 381 in the province of Castellón, with 47 patients in the ICU; 1,652 in the province of Alicante, 213 of them in the UCI; and 2,142 in the province of Valencia, 317 of them in ICU. Yesterday there were 4,143 admitted, so the increase is 32 people, and 552 were registered in the ICU, which now has added a further 25.

There have been 8,630 new cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test or through antigen test since the last update. . By province, the distribution of new positives is as follows: 782 in Castellón (25,472 in total), 3,656 in Alicante (82,041 in total) and 4,189 in the province of Valencia (137,343 in total). In addition, 3 unassigned cases have been registered, bringing the total to 44.

In addition, since the last update, 5,468 patients with coronavirus have recovered while there are currently 61,422 active cases ,

There are positive cases in 191 nursing homes for the elderly (16 in the province of Castellón, 61 in Alicante and 114 in Valencia), 32 centres of functional diversity (5 in the province of Castellón, 9 in Alicante and 18 in Valencia) and 10 centres for minors (1 in the province of Castellón, 4 in Alicante and 5 in Valencia). Another 91 residents and 38 workers have recorded a positive test since the last update.

Currently, 60 residences in the Valencian Community are under health control: 5 in the province of Castellón, 23 in the province of Alicante and 32 in Valencia.

There have been 79 outbreaks since the last update: 2 in the province of Castellón; 16 in Alicante and 61 in Valencia