The coronavirus runs amok in Valencia as the authorities openly acknowledge their concern and the City Council calls a meeting to address the crisis

The health situation in the city of Valencia is serious and this is reflected by both the data, the authorities and even the population itself, who are seeing more and more cases of family and friends affected by the coronavirus. On Thursday, 17 new outbreaks have been reported and the cumulative incidence has risen to 318 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days.

The situation has now seen the Valencia City Council call a meeting of the Municipal Operational Coordination Centre, CECOPAL, to adapt current measures and study how the pandemic evolves .

Mayor Joan Ribó has expressed his concern about the pandemic data: “The figures provided by the Department for the last week are very worrying,” he said. “Three weeks ago we had six districts with more than 200 diseases per 100,000 inhabitants; and now that figure has increased to 28 districts, which is an indicator that things are getting significantly worse ”.

Back to school during the cold spell

The mayor has said that all schools remain open, and that “and that infected children have been counted, most of which are cases that have occurred in social and family settings.” Even so, Joan Ribó has organised a meeting with those responsible in Education to analyse the next steps.

It is that worrying that we have adverse weather conditions at the moment, with very low temperatures, and that this situation must be combined with the aeration requirements of the classrooms.

It should be remembered that, since the covid pandemic broke out, the city of Valencia has registered 29,572 cases and 561 deaths. Figures that, unfortunately, will continue to increase.