Montesinos Correos under fire

Montesinos Correos under fire

After recently arriving I Los Montesinos I was left with a collection note from the Correos office to collect a parcel at the local office.

It stated the office hours were 12.30 until 2pm. I arrived early to be second in the line, the person who arrived after me was quick to point out, that if I was in a hurry come back again , as the post mistress never arrives on time, she is always late by 10 to 20 minutes . He also advised me that if at ten minutes to  two she would come out of the office and cut the line, telling people she would only serve these people up to two pm and the rest of you must come back tomorrow.

She of course arrived twenty minutes late, no apology was offered to the long line of people waiting. On putting my collection note over to her she was very short and dismissive to the point of being rude.

I think it’s time this injustice was put to rights by the senior management of the correos office.  You need to replace her with someone who cares about people and their job.

My thought to this lady is this, I thing you need a complete training package from your head office on work hours and how to approach customers and I would say you should not be left unsupervised at this type of collection point, where you think you make the rules.

We can only hope they listen and have very strong words with her on time keeping and saying a smile costs nothing, never forget this is where we make the profits.

Malcolm Morgan

By email