What Golf Ball Best Suits my game and which ball will Tiger Woods use during the US Masters?

What Golf Ball Best Suits my game?
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There are now a huge selections of golf balls available on the market so how do you choose one that suits your game?

Below is a 5 step guide that may just help you:

Step 1 – You get what you pay for!

For fear of losing too many golf balls the higher handicap golfer tends to go for the low prices golf balls with a solid centre and Surlyn cover which feel hard but are in fact harder to control than a better quality (tour model) that has a urethane cover.

Step 2 – Don’t fix what isn’t broken!

I find it amusing to see 28 handicap golfers playing with a Titleist pro V1 ball that they found yesterday just because it is what all the top professionals play with BUT which is totally unsuitable to their game simply because they can’t generate the club head speed (110mph or faster) so  while it is fun to try new balls and technology if you have found a golf balls that works for all parts of your game and your financial budget then stick with it.

Step 3 – Don’t select a golf based solely on distance!

Most higher handicap players will choose a golf ball based on budget or how far it goes but you should all remember that how a ball reacts with short irons, wedges and even the putter is equally as important and once you have selected a ball to suit the short game you can adjust the longer irons and driver accordingly.

Step 4 – It’s all about the feel!

Low amateur and professional golfers will find distance and control benefits in using a higher compression ball technology because they swing faster (110mph or faster) and hence can compress the ball better than higher handicap golfers but the biggest change in recent technology has been for golf ball manufacturers to make a soft low compression core that are just as fast as firmer ones so for the majority of players you will hit the ball the same distance with any model of golf ball hence the reason to select a ball that suits you better around the greens than based on distance.

Step 5 – Don’t overplay a golf ball!

Due to the fact that golf balls cost so much money and due to the fear of losing golf balls, higher handicap golfers try and extract as many rounds as possible from the ball despite being off colour and scratched or scuffed. You should be aware that by playing too long with the same golf ball can affect distance by as much as 5 yards and accuracy with wedges so as soon is if feels rough or the writing is smudged then it is time to change the golf ball.

What golf ball does Tiger Woods use?

He is currently competing in the US Masters and Tiger Woods played very well, shooting a career first round low 4-under 68, and now he has average odds of +1800. He is currently playing with the Bridgestone Tour B XS and is quoted as having said, “I know what the ball is going to do. I know how close it’s going to be, I know where it’s going to land, it’s going to land on the number I want it to with the correct spin.”


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