Torrevieja pool league suspended due to COVID-19

Torrevieja Pool

By Andrew Atkinson

Chairman of the Torrevieja Pool League Alan Boswell made an announcement, due to covid issues, to suspend the 2020-21 winter season at present.

“After speaking to players and finding out that some unnamed bars have been directly in contact with people with covid my decision is to suspend the season and to be reviewed over the Christmas period.

“I understand bar owners wanting to continue – but health is more important. Stay safe everyone,” said Boswell.

Torrevieja pool league cup preliminary results. Division 1:

F/station (bw) 2 CCS 5;

Iglesias Bulls 5 Murphs 4.

Division 2:

Friendly B 4 Racin Toast II 5;

The Courtyard A 4 Marie’s Rendevous 5;

Micky’s Bar 6 The George 3.

Catch-up games: CCS 6 Iglesias Bulls 3; Laguna 5 Hacienda 4.


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