SMGS at Lo Romero. November 4th, 2020

SMGS at Lo Romero. November 4th, 2020
SMGS at Lo Romero. November 4th, 2020

A much depleted squad of 24 members and 4 guest players made the journey to Lo Romero. Desertion rate was high due to a combination of Covid fears, the forecast of torrential rain and travel restrictions for those living in Murcia. Blaming a malfunctioning GPS, one of our members managed to drive from his home in Alicante province and arrive in Lo Romero, also Alicante province, via Murcia region by a few Km (an honest mistake).

The fair weather golfers missed a great day at a course appreciated by the society. On arrival, the golf warriors were delighted to discover that most handicaps had been somewhat inflated by the committee’s decision to adopt the World Handicap System. It’s a complicated affair but luckily all tabulation is done by computer software, a new-fangled technology thingy that has rendered redundant our finger-counting handicap secretary.

Buoyed by stroke boosts, the lads were itching for action. As ever, the course was in excellent condition and a light breeze provided losers with the only excuse not to score well. Not unexpectedly, scoring was on the high side.

In Silver category, 37 points was only good enough for fourth place with dejected Glaswegian Hugh Reilly graciously applauding Londoner Steve Hart for beating him on count back (aye right!). Rob Fyfe took second position with a fine 38 but, as is often the case, octogenarian Norman McBride romped home with a wonderful 43 points (playing off 52 with the slope – joking!!!).

In Gold Category, fourth place went to our stetson-wearing captain, Phil De Lacy with 38 points.. That hat, added to his blond locks, makes him look like Greg Norman but alas that is where all comparisons end. Darren Hancock scored a magnificent 40 playing off 6 to claim third spot. Second place, losing on countback with 42 points, went to our token Norseman, Kyrre Skarsmoen (whose name is worth 72 points in Scrabble). The Vikings came runners-up to the Scots at The Battle of Largs in 1263 but Kyrre’s conqueror was bespectacled Englishman Paul Thompson.

In the nearest the pin competition, Andy McDonald plundered prizes at 2 of the four par threes, leaving Paul Thompson and Jan Skog to win one apiece.

The Abacus award went to David Rowe, well deserved according to his playing partners.

Best guest was Jan Skog.

Ken Flaherty, wearing a rather fetching sweater one has to say, got to his feet to thank the society for its very generous donation of €450 to Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre.

A big gracias to the San Miguel Committee and the Lo Romero management for arranging the game at short notice after the cancellation of Murcia’s La Serena. Next week’s game is at Villamartin.

Keep up to date with all SMGS matters by logging on to our website or simply give Captain Mick Roscoe a call on 649226955.


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