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Just call me ‘old fashioned’ as my understanding of eating is not only to give substance to the body, but also to spend time in sympathetic environment, enjoying other points of view and to strengthen good will. Businessmen do it. Royalty love it, and to enhance some form of connection with world leaders they spend a small fortune on State Banquets.

What can be more pleasant when you meet someone and, in order to improve your association with them, invite them for a meal at a fancy restaurant.

Young couples wanting to form a relationship whilst getting to know one another do it as they stare into each other eyes over a plateful of their favourite nourishment, perhaps with something in a glass to help with the relaxation.

The young child eating at home around the meal table with the kinfolk, listening to the family history, learning the art of conversation, as they find out exactly where they belong in the group of people that surround them.

What happened? Mothers, and of course fathers, were supportive of their children providing every need, including school meals even if it was wrapped in a container. I can remember as a child opening my lunch and the thrill of love from my mother supplying the goodies of food I liked, all especially for me!

It is so different now in the U.K., parents are very happy for the school, hence the Government with funding from the taxpayer, or perhaps others from private companies or individuals, to feed their child, with no cost to themselves.

But who would not take the opportunity to take something when it is offered for free?

Nowadays the children sit in a hall, with no ambiance of their home or their family environment. They are amongst others they have been with during the remainder of the day, with no break from them. They are served food of someone else’s choice, with not a thought to the recipient’s likes or dislikes.

Is that not enough for some groups? Do they want to go further and take control of the child?

Free School Meals. Where will it all lead?

A start! To be able to dominate them throughout the time when they should be having a break from the atmosphere of learning by feeding them, during what should be a break period by offering ‘Free School Meals.’ But, of course, it is not ‘free’ as somebody has to pay for it. Normally you and me, the taxpayer.

In my opinion what is the next stage now that the children are under the influence of the establishment through food. Is it marching up and down the school playground with broom sticks for rifles, with reasoning that it is healthy and safe, although in reality it teaches discipline.

You may disagree with my way of thinking, but history tells us that has happened throughout the World on many occasions. It was not too long ago that Europe was taken over by a fascist regime using partly the training of children in its desire to conquer.

Where will this lead to in the future? When? And in how many years from now?

That invisible movement living amongst the people with opposite thoughts from the norm, intent on changing the country to what it is not.  Will the children then be going to some form of academy dressed in a military type of uniform some with chevrons on their arm?

The children are the future make sure their upbringing is what you wish.

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