The Generalitat warns of an increase in cases in the urban area of ​​Pilar de la Horadada

The Health Ministry of the Generalitat Valenciana has told the Pilar de la Horadada Council that it has treated the covid outbreak detected in the Casaverde private nursing home and had withdrawn from direct supervision.

In the town itself, however, the situation is quite different with the Councillor for Health, Nieves Moreno Moreno, warning that if the increase in cases continue, the Ministry will adopt restrictions as it has done in Orihuela

The Generalitat first assumed supervision over the Casaverde residential centre after an outbreak of coronavirus was detected that affected more than sixty patients and fifteen workers. Between the end of August, when the first case was detected, and mid-September, eleven residents died, although three of the deaths were of patients were in palliative care.

Casaverde Nursing Home
Casaverde Nursing Home

Neither the Generalitat Valenciana nor the management company have offered specific information about the outbreak, although Casaverde has been in permanent contact with the users’ relatives.

The councillor of Health has now announced that the residence “is free of covid” but she warned of a very significant increase in cases in the municipality.

She warned that if outbreaks of social and family origin continue in the coming days, the Ministry of Health will apply restrictions as it has done in Orihuela.

The town had registered 20 cases of coronavirus between Monday and last Tuesday.


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