In real estate, the speed of sale is always related to a few key factors and since here we have the primary criterion predetermined already, the rest falls in line rather easily. If the property is Spanish in design, then the potential customers are also likely to be Spanish or people from other cultures who find the Spanish décor elements to be particularly appealing. Consequently, making a quick sale is mostly about maintaining and arranging a few key facts that are in line with such expectations.

Learning a Bit More about Spanish Properties is Highly Advisable

As the property in question is inherently Spanish by design, that’s a huge advantage. They are both high in market value right now and it also means that the realtor is dealing with a pre-set, target audience. However, anyone in charge of staging the house for a walk-in visit, or for a pre-sale photoshoot, should study a bit about Spanish interior and exterior décor first. In absence of acute and actionable knowledge regarding the various décor elements used in Southwest European homes, there is always a risk of the final result ending up as stereotypical, rather than just being typically Spanish.

Presales Investments

Whether the property is located around the Salamanca district in Madrid, or on the Costa Blanca, presales investments are essential. The idea behind such investments should be based on a few key principles such as:

  • The budget should first be directed towards renovating the electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing, and various other essential elements, if and when required
  • At least a decent portion of the remaining budget should be directed towards adding to the house’s appeal as a Spanish property
  • Aside from essential repairs, any major decorative and aesthetic changes made to the property should be done to raise the property’s value
  • Minor changes in the interior and exterior décor is often the best way to get a quick sale, without raising the price by too much

Paying a visit to is advised, as they have Kohl’s coupons with heavy discounts on all home improvement products. These can help realtors keep their budget for a presale investment down to a minimum, whether it’s a Spanish property or not. Bulk buys are ideal for medium-large realtors, which incidentally should allow them to maximize these discount coupons.

Digital Marketing in Spanish

If the property in question resides in Spain, then this should be a natural choice. However, even if it resides outside the European regions where Spanish is the primary language, the prospective customers will still be mostly Spanish.

Therefore, directing digital marketing efforts in the Spanish language will automatically help the realtor find Spanish-speaking traffic. This simple but ingenious move should help in getting the property sold much faster, simply on account of the fact that it will filter out the traffic, creating more relevant leads to follow.

A reassessment will be necessary for any property that has not been assessed after the lockdowns eased up. Mediterranean décor is wonderful, and it sells well too. However, due to the multifaceted, negative and positive impacts of Covid-19 on global real estate, a reassessment cannot be avoided.