By Andrew Atkinson

The Ayuntamiento de la Pilar Horadada are continuing daily spraying in the town, due to the coronavirus situation, with a ‘Special Disinfection Plan’.

“We continue with the ‘Special Disinfection Plan’, in the streets and busiest areas, both in the urban area, as well as in beach and mountain urbanisations to guarantee the safety of our neighbours and visitors,” said a spokesperson from the town Hall.

However, Felix Mercado Rubio said: “It will not be in the Torre de la Horadada area, next to the thousand palm trees, more specifically around the Playa Elisa Costa urbanization.

“We have been there for three years – and almost no, or no cleaning, with the same litter and same dog poop for weeks.  “Now we have problems with rodents – rats.  And what does the Pilar de la Horadada town hall do?  It just cleans it’s own precious urban area and you have to remind them to clean Florence Street, Rotterdan, and Rafael Alberti in Torre

“There are many residents who all pay their taxes and a many people from the Nordic community that generate great income for the Pilar de la Horadada and its inhabitants. Mr Mayor you must clean our streets too.”